About Real Estate Investment Trusts

A REIT or Real Estate Investment Trust is a group of investment in inmobiliary assets, where there is a trust who’s the owner of the assets and the income coming out of those assets fundamentally from the lease of the mentioned is distributed along the investors of the trust. EGCM’s REITs are part of NAREIT, which is the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts, an association with head quarters in Washington DC, that represents a big and diverse industry that includes investment funds in real estate and mortgages, public and privates.

Benefits of Investing in REIT’s


Thanks to the investment strategy focused on exponential growth, wide investment capacity and analysis to find the best investment opportunities, plans and execution processes, Emirate Global Capital Markets is able to combine the elements of their portfolios in order to obtain excellent performances on their investments and therefore providing returns to their investors that are way more attractive than traditional products as Real Estate Investment Funds or Certificates from banks.

Feel free to contact us for more information on the performance of the products of EGCM.

Liquidity & Availability

Liquidity is a very important aspect to consider at the time of investing your capital, as opposite to physical real estate, a Real Estate Investment Trust should be an investment that can quickly transformed from money to investment and backwards.

EGCM products offer instant deposits and withdraws through the usage of the Bitcoin blockchain, which allows you to count with your money if necessary or turn your money into products of EGCM instantly.


Emirate Global Capital Markets offers full transparency on the transactions and status of the composition of their products, you can be aware of the operations from their continuous new Real Estate acquisitions and their performances, to the trading strategies and risk management and other elements of their portfolio.

The investors have also access to their 24/7 investor dashboards where they can monitor the performance of their investments and also add or modify their current portfolio with EGCM.

How Can You Invest In REIT?

Investing in Real Estate Investment Trusts with EGCM is simple and fast.

Step 1 – Open Your Investment Account

There are two ways you can open your investment account:

  1. You can open your investment account by yourself in the link below:

2. You can contact an authorized agent by filling our contact form:

Step 2 – Fund Your Account

You can fund your account using direct Bitcoin deposit, by going to the deposit section, the portal will indicate in further steps the equivalent of the dollar-euro that will need deposit to EGCM address in order to make the deposit effective.

Step 3 – Select Your Invesment

Step 4 – Collect Your Weekly Returns

Still Have Questions On REIT’s?

If you still have questions on how REIT work, how can you invest, want to know more about EGCM or get to know what are the available products and performances don’t hesitate to reach us for a consulting call or meeting, our authorized agents will gladly respond to all of your questions.