Our partners are the individuals that make everything possible, we are professionals with many years of experience in our fields, providing extraordinary advice that translates in safety and efficiency at the time of executing your transactions.

Meet Our Partners

General Business Advisors

ConsultantsCR Advisory Group provides overall business solutions to companies and individuals, from accounting & financial to HR and production, ConsultantsCR goes above and beyound focusing on encouraging business owners on the control of their business performance and improvement opportunities.

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Legal & Notary Solutions

Highly experience business, labor, enviromental and real estate law firm, CLASS provides legal and notary solutions to companies and individuals in Costa Rica, assisting customers before, during and after they transactions in the country, in order for them to make business decisions wisely while we assisting them along their journey.

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Fund Management & Compliance

Global Funds Costa Rica provides Escrow, Investment and Fund Management services to customers globally, providing security in the execution of their transactions in Costa Rica, from Real Estate to business and other assets, Global Funds is an estrategic partner in the compliance and financial side of purchases and sale of assets in Costa Rica.

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Redefining Real Estate

Emirate Global Capital MarketsĀ is a hedge fund management company with over 4 years of existance with over 3 million investors as of november 2022, their main approach is the development of investments on value-add commercial real estate that provides an appealing combination of risk and returns.

ConsultantsCR Advisory Group is the authorized representative of EGCM for Costa Rica, investors can open their accounts from Costa Rica and become part of the family of investors of EGCM around the globe.

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