Our Existance Explained

We’re a group of professionals from Costa Rica, serving people from the country and around the globe on different areas as legal, accountancy, financial, investments, operations & engineering.

The reason why we created this project is because we all have one aspect in common in our daily basis, we’re all related to investment transactions and business owners, therefore we all know the challenges that investing in a foreign country can bring to companies and individuals from overseas.

This is the reason why we created an unified channel where our customers can find all kind of deals in the country while in advance having an overall view and learning of the market and pre-due diligence on their prospects.

What makes us different?

We list the assets directly from the source, so investors can get in touch directly with the owners of the assets, banks, private and/or investment companies also obtaining an overall understanding on the different types of existing investments in Costa Rica, advicing on the procedures and regulation attached to each market and transaction.

Our value is provided by our assistance representing the investors, we execute pre-due diligence in the deals at the time the assets are listed, avoiding hidden information that normally a seller, broker or agent hides from the potential investor and on top we provide proper deed due diligence services, legal services, financial and compliance assistance that grants a clean transaction and full awareness to the customers on the asset to be acquired and safety on the transaction.